10 Mistakes Most Parents Regret Making


All parents want the best for their children. They work hard to please them with new toys and gifts. They educate them in a strict way so that they have discipline and take the right path. In addition, they give them autonomy, the freedom to do what they want and to make their own decisions. There is no doubt that each family has its own methods of education, but there is one thing that unites all parents: with hindsight, they all want to go back in time to correct some of the mistakes of their youth.

We are sure that the first few years in a baby’s life are magical times to live. And so that you are prepared for the future, we present you with the things that most parents regret with their older children, open next page to finish article and enjoy reading 🙂 :

1. Not taking advantage of communication with your baby


A small child needs constant contact with adults, for a short period of time as it moves from being a baby to being a “relatively” independent person. Parents also need this communication. The problem is that they have less and less free time; if the mother takes care of personal tasks while the baby plays, all is well. But if you get used to it, one day, when you look up from your computer, you will suddenly realize that this child has grown up a lot and is now living his own life.

You can’t make up for lost time, so not only try to be close to your baby, but also make the most of the time you have to communicate as much as possible.

2. Kissing and Hugging your children very little


Scientists have long since demonstrated the health benefits of hugging, both morally and physically. We could make a long list of benefits, but we all agree that the most important thing is simply to hug your child. There are times when parents miss out on this pleasure for different reasons, but in general, these are absurd and obsolete reasons (who hasn’t heard the phrase “don’t hold him, he’ll get used to it”? Maybe the person who invented this sentence didn’t have children).

Time will pass very quickly, your child will grow up and start to move away, he won’t feel like hugging so much anymore. Take advantage of today to give your child lots of kisses and hugs.

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3. Forget about taking pictures and videos


Of course, nothing terrible will happen if you don’t save all the photos on a USB stick. This will not reflect in any way on the child’s psyche, moral qualities or physical health. But maybe before long you will want to remember one of the most precious times of your life and share these emotions and feelings with your adult children. A lot of parents regret not taking the camera out more often.

You’ll never remember a video of the fireworks 10 years ago, but you should (and not just once) watch your little boy’s first kindergarten party. Albums, despite the development of technology, are the best and safest method of storing valuable photos.

4. Don’t write down those first words


Yeah, they’re just good memories. You can certainly live without them, but your life with them will be even better.

5. Devoting too little time to educational games


We do not claim that through the development of early creativity a person will become a great painter or artist. But in general, it increases possibilities. First of all, by offering different activities, you can understand what interests your child and develop his or her talents. Second, any activity that involves reading aloud, playing with play dough or building can develop intellect, imagination and vocabulary. Third, you strengthen the bond with your baby, and that’s the most important reason to organize a hobby together.

Older” parents often regret not noticing in time and not developing their little one’s talents. Certain abilities, for example, music and a sense of rhythm, are apparent from a very young age. Offer your baby multidisciplinary games and, above all, spend more time reading with him.

6. Being too strict


There’s a big difference between scolding your child for something specific he did wrong and criticizing him for every single thing he does. You may have heard the myth that the more demands, the more successful the person will be, but in reality, the opposite effect occurs: a fragile psyche, behavioural problems, and even developmental delays. And, of course, a poor relationship with parents.

Furthermore, punishment for poor grades is detrimental, as it will only lead to lower school results. Scolding and encouraging what’s really important. A broken eight out of twenty-one cup is nothing compared to a wasted childhood.

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7. Disregarding your child’s opinion


Do you remember how many times in your life you heard phrases like “you’re still too young to solve these problems”, “adults know how to do it better”, and how uncomfortable you felt? Children whose opinions are ignored become insecure and no longer take the initiative. It all makes sense: how can a person know what they want in life if the decision has always been made by someone else in their place?

Don’t deprive your child of the opportunity to make choices and express his or her opinion. The most appropriate thing will be to discuss her wishes and let her explain them rather than ignore them or repress any wishes.

8. Don’t try to please your child too much


Tender memories of childhood are the most precious thing that no one can take away from us. If a child grows up in a healthy atmosphere, discovers new things and impressions, it means that he or she is actively developing. Happy children grow up to become people who adapt better to life and easily make new friends.

Parents remember the time spent with their children with nostalgia. So make the most of every moment and invent how to diversify your little one’s hobby. And make sure that your little one has the happiest time possible.

9. Following other people’s advice too much


There are people who, in any situation, rush to give advice even if it is inappropriate. Very often it is young mothers who are the victims. In front of such “experts”, you will learn how to dress, educate, feed and live in general. In all honesty, only mom and dad know what is good and bad for their child. Of course, it is worth listening to advice, but that does not mean that you should follow it blindly.

Obviously, it’s not worth letting strangers reprimand your little one for screaming in a public place and scaring him with people (doctors, policemen, monsters, etc.) who will arrive to “kidnap” a capricious baby. Take your child’s side and he will grow up knowing that he will always have your support, even during difficult moments in his life.

10. Not being there during the most important moments of his life


What may seem trivial to us can be a momentous event for a child. Every person, especially a child, needs many of his or her loved ones at his or her side in the most important moments of life. While it may seem like you had a valid reason for missing kindergarten, priorities may change in the future. There will be a bitter record of the important events you missed.

Choose to decorate the Christmas tree with the whole family, go to the children’s theatre or visit the grandmother. All of this is so important: when the children grow up, moments like this will really be needed.

What about you ? Do you have any regrets ? Things you wish you would have known sooner ? Tell us all about it in the comments below and Thanks for reading .


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